New Streamy

Hey friends, it’s been a long time since we last reached out to you.  We hope you haven’t forgotten about our promise.  What we have been working on is building the finest newsreader available, and that requires a couple things, which have taken time.  Let’s take a closer look at where we are now.

Think of your favorite blog, news site, or social network, and you’ll probably envision lists of stories that outline what’s happening and who’s reporting it.  We call these streams, and there are an enormous number of them, all pumping away feeding the web more and more information.

How do you find the few gems that you care about?  How do you know what your friends enjoyed today, so that you can have a conversation?  How do you share the great stories you find with groups and pitch in your own opinions?

You may have found ways to share and discuss in the past, but there are new concepts that really improve the experience: context and personalization.  The beginning of the web marked innovations in hypertext and commerce, which grew into communities and communication.  Standing on those shoulders, through advances in technology and understanding, personal relevancy is at hand.

Streamy intends to make the web relevant to you.  This isn’t just about news, or just about the little things that are going on among friends – it’s about, as a cohesive whole, what’s going on and why it matters to you.

This brings us to the core of Streamy: streams, subscriptions, conversations, and services.  Streams, as mentioned, are the veins that channel content throughout the web, and we enable you to filter, mix and match them.  Subscriptions are your connections to the sources of those streams – traditionally to news and magazines, then blogs, and now individual people and groups.  Conversations are possibly the most exciting element of Streamy, because they take something the web was built for, communication, and weave it into the streams themselves, as comments, personal replies, shares, instant messages, and group chats.  Services tie Streamy to the rest of the web.  While most of our streams are fed by blogs and news sites, there are streams of news from your friends and groups elsewhere.  These services, like Twitter, Facebook, and Digg, also allow you to share stuff you discover on Streamy with your friends everywhere.

Focusing on these pillars has allowed us to purify the technical challenges we have faced and respond by creating high quality proprietary systems.  What this means to you, finally, is that the vapor is clearing and we can deliver what many of you have gotten excited about over the last year. You’ll hear from us again this week.


I’ve attached a screenshot of our Subscriptions app. Check it out 🙂


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